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Mothers Against Knives

mothers against knives

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The web site is solely to campaign on the ban of weapons that are been sold which have no ligitimate purpose in our society.
The campaign is supported by MP,s and Chief of Police across the United Kingdom.


What we do.
Since her son's death in 2003, Barbara has set up the powerful nation wide organisation Mothers Against Knives.
These are catorgised to mention a few, replica and ornimental swords,combat knives, machetes,hunting knives,daggers,and so on.
The ban is for sales on the high street, carboot sales and the internet,and importation.
Mothers against knives joined the sunday sun's campaign for tougher laws if carrying a weapon and for education in schools on the dangers of carrying a weapon.
The government brought in education in schools, on these dangers using various programmes and weapon awareness sessions one which was games over for knives and be safe.
These awareness sessions targeted 11/12 year olds, but ministers want 9/10 year olds to get simular classes.

The Be Safe Project now goes into schools to educate young people on the harsh realities of what can happen when they carry a knife; also colloquially termed as blades, chiv, chive, shiv, shank, - and in legal terms an "offensive weapon". During these school sessions a large number of schoolchildren admit carrying knives for self-defence. Government research indicates that 30 per cent of youngsters across the country carry knives.

The Be Safe team talk to youngsters about why they carry knives, the short and long term repercussions of carrying them, the cycle of revenge and reprisal attacks, the effects on families and the medical implications of when someone is stabbed. What we do is educate them. We give them a choice. We can't make them not carry knives but we can give them information to allow them to make informed choices and to make them think about the consequences.

The government also increased the sentence for carrying a knife from 2 years to 4 years, we asked for a manditory 5 years, plus to buy one has increased from the age of 16 to 18.
The proposals are in motion for weapons to be added to the banned list.